Cyrano de Bergerac and Me

For most Cyrano was a good person to be around. People enjoyed his sense of humor, his friendship, his brightness and honesty. He was brave and he could do what others were afraid of. For that he was inspiration.

But nobody, with one exception, bothered to be there for Cyrano. Because of his look none, not even his mother, could connect to him. Human judgement, to value the appearance before the idea or the substance, has made him the loneliest person on the world.

He was in love, love that he could never express. Not because he was shy, or he could not speak. He was a poet. Cyrano could not express his love because he was protecting the one he was in love with. What he needed was basic human need, a soulmate. Cyrano had mind of a poet and the warier. and he know that being with Roxane would be a great cost for the one he loved.

As a poet, with uncorrupted soul and heart, Cyrano loved Roxane the only way it was possible. He did things that made her happy. He gave his poems away so that Christian could be complete for Roxane. He protected Christian in the time of the war. He comforted Roxane in the time of the sorrow. As he said at the end to Roxane, “But thanks to you, I have had a female friend. Thanks to you, a dress crossed my life’s path.”. And that was his reward.
As a warier he served his role in the society. He was a leader, a protector of human values, fighter for the freedom and voice if the poorest.

And that was his curse.
At the same time society needed him for what he represented.
At the same time society hated him for the values he represented.
At the end society killed him.

That is why I love him. I think I understand him.
Even so we will never meet, shake hands, go to the battle together or share a table with the food and drink on it, I love him.

“I have a different idea of elegance. I don’t dress like a fop, it’s true, but my moral grooming is impeccable. I never appear in public with a soiled conscience, a tarnished honor, threadbare scruples, or an insult that I haven’t washed away. I’m always immaculately clean, adorned with independence and frankness. I may not cut a stylish figure, but I hold my soul erect. I wear my deeds as ribbons, my wit is sharper then the finest mustache, and when I walk among men I make truths ring like spurs.”