My Panache – Introduction

Is it the right thing for anyone to be inspired by the characters from the books? To find help and motivation in the words and actions that look like they were written and meant for you? Or actually are you? I find it to be quite possible.

I know that because I experienced it. It helped me to be me, and to live by the true and simple values. It helped me to better prepare for the bad things coming. It helped me to better understand what does it mean and when you surrender yourself into what you believe. It helped me to make choices, not easy but the right ones. I believe it helped me to be a better me. And it helped me to face the possibility of, like the characters I admire so much, to be forgotten, live without what we yearned for. You might think they all died so what is the pint? But did they? I’ll let you know at the end.

Some people dear to my heart know that about me. Sometimes that made them angry. At those moments, they would see one un-adoptable person, they would say “Wake up, that was not for real!”, or try to point up to the faults in the intentions. Now, I am all in support of evolution, of advancement, of liberation, or individuality… But that is all based on essential values without which you could never accomplish anything.

What people dear to my heart have forgotten is that at some point in time they have enjoyed and loved me for exactly same values they are angry with me now. That kind of forgetfulness scars my soul, hurts my heart, it is breaking up my beeing. It deforms the love, it pollutes the essence, it removes simplicity and honesty as it brings calculus into deeply private and personal relationship. It is breaking me apart and it has taken my family from me.

Interestingly enough none of the souls I have find inspiration in, actually did have a family. And for that I am very, very sad. Maybe it was the only way for them to leave this world with the message about what is worth living for without complicating it. And they left it for us to figure out how to have a life just like them, and for some of us how to have a life just like them and including the soulmate and the family.

So, that I did. I had a family like that, what was to me the perfect family. To my happiness, and my peace, and my pride, I have lived that dream for over thirty years.
People I love and care about, have loved me for those values and principles I believe in.
That was the greatest gift of life I could ever ask for, I was loved for who I was.