About Love and Hate

Le Bret: “But what will these things lead to, don’t you see?
Where’s the method in it?”

Cyrano: “I was wandering in a maze I’d too many complicated paths to take:
I took …”

Le Bret: “Which?”

Cyrano: “Oh! Of them all, the simplest one.
I decided to be brilliant at everything, with everyone!”

Le Bret: “Fine! But the reason for your detestation of Montfleury – give me the true explanation!”

Cyrano: “Silenus, so gross his hands won’t reach his navel still thinks his charms place the girls in peril,
and, while he stammers through his little piece, makes sheep’s eyes with his frog’s eyes, if you please!
I hate him since he allowed himself one night to raise his eyes to her …
Oh! I thought it like a fat slug sliding towards a flower above!”

Le Bret: “What? Is it possible…”

Cyrano: “That I could be in love? …
I’m in love.”

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